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Bear Hunting In Alberta

Price $4,000 USD ($5,000 CAD) + Taxes, Tag included in price second bear will be an extra $500 US ($630 CAD) + Taxes For all hunts.

2 bear can be taken per hunter per hunter. we have one guide to every two hunters with a maximum of 4 hunters in camp at one time.

Hunting starts the first day of September and run until November 30. There are a variety of color phase bears we have Black, Chocolate, Cinnamon, & Blonde, some have a blaze on their chest. our team will do everything in our power to put you on bear we have a minimum of 2 sites per hunter.

We annually establish a number of new bait sites each year with the use of ladder stands some of our well established sites will have wooden ladder stands. we work hard to keep these sites active baiting each site a minimum of 2 days apart and a minimum of 3miles between each bait site. All our stands are form 15 - 25 yards from the bait. we usually leave camp right after lunch hunting between 12:00pm until dark.

To book a hunt contact Kevin Emard Cell PH#: 780 291 0475
or contact
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