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Elk Hunting in Alberta

Price is $7,500 USD ($9,375 CAD) + taxes, tags included in price For all hunts.
Hunting with us in our 3 point or larger Elk areas you will have a one on one guided hunt Two hunters max in camp, Archery hunts will start the 25th of August - September 16, rifle hunts will start the 17th of September we usually end the Elk hunting the last full week or September. Mornings usually start between 5:00am - 6:00am for breakfast then off to our hunting area for that day you will be given the option to return to camp for lunch or take a packed lunch with us returning for a late supper. we like to concentrate our hunting efforts around watering holes, wallows, licks, creeks, rivers, and cut blocks. we will have had trail cameras out by late July in these areas to know and have confirmation of what is in the area. once a bull is located buy calling we will walk towards the animal while answering his calls when we know the animal is coming to us then we will either send you ahead, or we will drop back about 50-100 yards depending on the situation, we will then begin to call the animal in to you as close as we can. weather or not you shoot the animal is up to you this area is a 3 point minimum we recommend you shoot an Elk with at least 5 point per side.

To book a hunt contact Kevin Emard Cell PH#: 780 291 0475
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