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Hunting White Tail Deer In Alberta
Price $4,500 USD ($5,670 CAD) + 5% taxes, tag included in price for all hunts.

Our hunts are one guide for every two hunters, you will either be in the agriculture areas or in the deep woods you will be taken out in the morning after Breakfast between 5:30am - 6:30am to a heated box blind or an exposed tree stand depending on the weather a minimum of one hour before first light. you will have the choice to be picked up at 11:30 for lunch or to be move to another location if you choose you can stay in stand for the whole day with a lunch packed for you in the morning. Pick up begins around a half hour after dark. hunts start the third week of October and run until the last day of November. The average score on bucks in this area is around the 140" mark with some exceptional animals reaching the 180+" mark. Most hunting will be concentrated around the doe feeding activity.

To book a hunt contact Kevin Emard Cell PH#: 780 291 0475
or contact

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