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What to Bring
Sleeping Bag rated to a minimum of -30C/-22F, Boots both hiking and insulated boots, running shoes for around camp. Clothing will be best for you in a layering system with good gloves due to the sudden temperature changes Day time highs can be very warm with temps dipping well below freezing (zero degrees Celsius or -22 degrees Fahrenheit) after dark,  known to get as low as -40 and lower. Flashlight/headlamp, knives, weapon of your choice, (Archery gear or rifle) arrows or ammunition Binoculars/range finder. compass, matches/lighter, personal first aid kit (we will have a type 2 or better first aid kit in camp) light easily packable rain gear, and all your personal toiletries. last but not least enough coolers to hold all of the meat and the animals hide you will be taking home with you.
We offer rifle rental $300  for the week.

Delivery to butcher and or taxidermist is your responsibility.
o book a hunt contact Kevin Emard Cell PH#: 780 291 0475
or contact

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